SolidPartners delivers powerful tools for your manufacturing business.

See what a difference well-designed PDM  and PLM systems can make for your business.

Webinar: Improving Product Development with Affordable PLM

If your company relies on international vendors, suppliers, or team members, join our upcoming webinar on November 29, 2017. This special presentation will show how businesses like yours can use CAD and automated Bill of Materials (BOM) support to improve efficiency and communication during each stage of the product lifecycle.

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4G:PLM is a Simple, Powerful, and Affordable Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution specifically developed for small to medium-sized (SMB) manufacturing companies.

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Activault is a simple, powerful and affordable CAD Data Management (PDM) tool completely integrated within SolidWorks.

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Parts Library

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SolidParts is a Simple, Powerful and Affordable library of native SolidWorks standard parts created using configurations.

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Does PLM Need to be So Complicated and Expensive?


We don’t think so.

If you’re a small to medium-sized growing manufacturing and engineering business, you understand how much of an impact incremental improvements make on your bottom line. Effectively managing engineering and manufacturing data needs solutions built specifically for your needs, but many of these solutions are prohibitively expensive.

In many cases, manufacturing software can cost upwards of $100,000 per year – or more.

SolidPartners asks, “Why can’t great manufacturing and engineering software deliver essential features while being affordable for everyone?”


By providing simple, powerful, and affordable solutions for small to medium-sized manufacturers, SolidPartners helps manufacturing businesses of all sizes be more efficient. This translates to:

  • More efficient processes
  • Less time spent tracking down manual entry errors
  • Better collaboration between design and manufacturing
  • Increased profitability

View the SolidPartners family of solutions to learn more about how your small or medium-sized manufacturing business can benefit.

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Customer Testimonials

“4G:PLM is hands down the simplest, most intuitive PLM system I have come across at a far more attractive price point than any other software package available on the market. The SolidPartners team has tremendous depth of experience in the PLM space, is highly responsive, customer focused and a pleasure to work with.”

Dave Snyder


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