What is the Affordable PLM Act?

You’ve all heard of the Affordable Care Act – at least those of you following modern politics in the USA.  With our newly elected president there’s a lot of hoopin’ and hollerin’ going on about this legislation across the country.  Perhaps it will be repealed, and/or replaced, but it will take a real act of congress to move on this initiative.

Strange how this closely aligns with starting a new company-wide initiative for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).  To get a new system into the company, or to ‘repeal’ the current system, you’ll need to move a mountain of politics and get all parties to ‘buy in’ to the change.  Do not despair – there is now HOPE with 4G:PLM!  The three keys to making this work:

  1. Education – get everyone trained on what’s really going on today, how it can be better and how you can eventually get 100% coverage on your systems and processes.

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