4G:PDX View – Product Data Exchange for PLM


One of the objectives of implementing a PLM or PDM system is to create a central and secured repository for Bill of Materials (BOM) and all related product data.  Once you have reached these objectives and your product data is vaulted, the next challenge is sharing that information in a cost-effective yet secure and controlled manner with design and manufacturing partners who are not directly connected into your PLM system.

While sending spreadsheets, drawings and other associated product data in various file formats (.doc, .xls, .csv, dwg, .stp, .igs) via e-mail, is still in common today, sharing product data via PDX offers significant benefits when compared to these antiquated methods.

What is PDX?

PDX or Product Data eXchange is an xml based format that was developed by the Association for Connecting Electronics Industries as a standard method to exchange data between PLM systems or with suppliers that may not be connected into an OEM’s PLM system.   When fully utilized, it allows data secured in aProduct Lifecycle Management systemto be communicated to supply chain partnersthat do not have direct access to the PLM system.…

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