About Us

What is SolidPartners?

SolidPartners is a premier provider of productivity tools for CAD Design professionals. With our start as one of the early 3D CAD consultancies in Silicon Valley, we have grown to include PDM, PLM, electrical CAD and Manufacturing systems technologies as part of our skill set. Since 1998 SolidPartners has provided comprehensive tools to many large and small to medium sized companies like: Philips, 3M, Schlumberger, Nautilus, Corning, Danaher and Tile. Based in Silicon Valley, we have SolidPartners covering North America and partners in various locations in Europe and the Far East.

How Are We Different?

SolidPartners was founded as a SolidWorks consulting company in 1997 in Silicon Valley, California. Being involved with PDM systems for over 25 years, we’ve seen some good examples and some bad ones. What transpired over the years led our founder to learn and implement many solutions for enterprises large and small.

Our founder was one of the first SolidWorks users in November 1995. He was working on a large PLM tool as an Engineer at Boeing at the time and recognized the need for a new generation CAD/PLM program to be closely integrated with Windows PCs. Though his efforts didn’t result in a large million dollar sale for SolidWorks with Boeing in 1995, he became the first reseller for SolidWorks in Silicon Valley and he was introduced to Agile Software in 1996 as the “SolidWorks of PDMs”.

After working for a while with Agile and SolidWorks®, Activault was born. (At the time the product was called “AgileWorks” and he was the product manager, but then it was sold to SolidPartners Inc. in December of 1999, renamed to Activault in January 2000 when the product line and customer base transferred to the new entity.)

What we have is a very clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t work – having seen many other systems and having struggled to implement them. Our goal for 4g:PLM is to become the front runner in mainstream PLM. If you honestly look around, the multi-million dollar/multi-year PLM implementations aren’t working. But SolidPartners are… and for a lot less than you think. We’ve assembled a top-notch team of support engineers, developers and software architects and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well we understand your issues and how quickly we can address them if you give us a chance!

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution on a reasonable budget. Given today’s economy, we think you’ll agree – high quality for low cost by eliminating the fluff. SolidPartners offers Enterprise Software – without the Enterprise Price. For details email: sales@solidpartners.com or call 800-605-3831.

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